Application Development and Re-engineering

Our validated model of outsourcing allows us to reduce production costs and thus pass the cost savings on to the client. Sensing the emerging growth markets, we have developed capabilities in the following areas when delivering applications

Mobile applications

We undertake first time development and re-engineering existing mobile application projects on various technologies

Some of our main strengths are to guarantee high-class and easy use of the UI and to follow similarities across various structure variables.

Investment Planning

Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows X

IDEs: xCode, Android Studios, Eclipse, Visual Studios

Languages: Objective C, Java, C#

Web Applications

Our business-centric approach to capturing customer requirements, a strong focus on performance, and the availability and compatibility of end-user devices for web applications enable us to add highly satisfied customers. A web application domain is marred with more than required platforms, frameworks, plugins, applications, and tools.

It’s a very difficult challenge to select the right ones and combine them to deliver the applications successfully. Our experience and skills are handy in dealing with such challenging scenarios.

We carry an experience in the following broad fields of web application

We carry expertise in the following specific web application areas :

  • Content Management Systems
  • Websites
Enterprise Applications
With rich experience and expertise in core technologies, Anansys has a demonstrated record of achievement and delivery of top-of-the-line products in the offshore development model.

Our most recent association with the Indian team has given us the innovation edge and getting ventures delivered on schedule and inside spending plan.

Product Maintenance
We have fostered an exclusive Product Maintenance team entrusted with the specialized task of delivering patch-up solutions to accidental glitches and introducing new functionality on a need-based basis.
We also do performance tuning of software products.

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